How it works

The ‘Nuts and Bolts’

Brief introduction – the broad brush strokes

Advance Payroll Services Pty Limited is dedicated to providing Australian businesses with professional, efficient, flexible, tailored payroll services that meet their needs and suit their practices. We make payroll easy.

We have our own payroll system designed to streamline and automate the diverse payroll needs of all of our clients so we have complete control over the technology that we use to provide our services and are always able to adapt it to meet the needs of new clients. You would be surprised at what we have been asked to do!


Receiving data to save you time

We can accept payroll data from clients in a wide variety of ways.

  1. Our clients’ employees can use our website to enter their hours worked and to apply for leave.
  2. Alternatively, our clients can submit spreadsheets to us with this information.
  3. We also accept data files from time and attendance systems.


Managing data – sharing the load with you

We manage the accrual of leave balances for annual, sick/personal and long service leave as well as RDOs, time in lieu and other types of leave as needed by each client. This means that when we receive absence data from clients, and if an employee doesn’t have sufficient balance to pay for the absence, we will, by default, only pay as much of the absence as is covered by their balance, the remainder of the absence becoming leave without pay or sick leave without pay. Of course, if the client is happy to pay more than this, either entirely or up to a certain point, that can be accommodated as well.

When taking on a new client we can import all of their staff details and year-to- date figures so that our ‘end of financial year payment summaries’ are complete.


Making payments to your employees, your way

We are flexible about how payments of wages are made.

  1. We can provide clients with a BECS/EFT/ABA file that they can use to make payments themselves.
  2. Alternatively, clients can transfer money into our trust account after which we will make the payment on their behalf.
  3. We can also enter into a (TNA) Transfer Negotiation Agreement so that we can issue payments directly from your bank account to your employees accounts.


Superannuation – we are on top of the latest legislation changes

We can manage the payment of superannuation for our clients

  1. Via our partnership with ClickSuper to satisfy the requirements of the Australian government’s SuperStream initiative.
  2. Alternatively, we can provide our clients with data files that they can upload directly to their own clearing house. Currently, we support several clearing house formats and can add support for more should the need arise.


Client reports – everything you would ever need – at no extra cost

We have hundreds of reports available to our clients. They are available as plain text, CSV, PDF and XLS. Many are standard and are applicable to any client. Please see our list of standard reports . Costing can be calculated and reported to the minute if required.

We can also provide clients with general ledger files that they can import into their accounting software .

In consultation with the client, we determine which reports are actually required, who needs to receive them and in which format(s). Reports can either be delivered via our website or via email to the managers who need them.

We don’t give you lots of reports that you don’t want.


Government reports – sorted

At the end of the financial year, we electronically report on all payment summaries to the ATO on behalf of all of our clients. We can also perform fortnightly electronic reporting of TFN declarations if clients wish us to.



We have a staff-accessible website. There are four levels of access on the website: Payees, Supervisors with minimal access, Managers and Administrators.

  1. Payees can download their payslips and payment summaries and keep their personal and banking information up to date. They can view other payroll and tax-related information.
  2. Supervisors are assigned access to and responsibility for certain groups of payees. They can approve timesheets and leave applications.
  3. Managers have full access to their own employees only.
  4. Administrators have access to all payees and all information. Some information can be kept from supervisors but administrators can see everything. They also receive reports and can send us documents securely via the website.


Customer experience – we hear you

We aim to provide an excellent, reliable, efficient and cost-effective service to all of our clients so that you can focus on what you do best and leave the payroll to us. We build strong relationships with our clients and we are very proud of the fact that our clients are so happy that they stay with us for years. Please view our testimonials.

Your payroll service will be simple, automated & responsive to your business as it grows.