Cost / benefit analysis of outsourcing your payroll

It all adds up

You save hours of staff time (or your precious time) that you could put to better use in your core business by outsourcing your payroll.

You save money on the extra software that needs costly upgrades each year.

You save staff time in pay disputes due to errors in manual calculations.

You get no more mistakes balancing hours in the payroll.

You’ll have no more wasted admin time, answering employee payroll questions – the employee’s pay slips, group certificates, timesheets, salary package, superannuation, personal details and emergency contacts are all accessible and editable by each employee 24 hours a day 7 days a week in their own secure online portal.

Managers have instant access to reports they need without asking admin staff.

Bye Bye distributing printed payslips!

Now, every employee has access to recent pay slips and three years payment summaries online. (Did you know you no longer have to physically hand an employee a pay slip? All you are required to do is make them accessible to each employee.)

But if you want printed payslips, that’s OK too.

All this and more, for as little as the price of a coffee, per employee!

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Your payroll service will be simple, automated & responsive to your business as it grows.