Free interview

Anything FREE is good, isn’t it?

APS-PaulObligation FREE sounds even less threatening.

That’s why we want you to talk to Paul Johnson. He promises not to bite.

Paul’s impressive title is ‘Customer Experience Manager’ because he wants you to have the best possible experience along your journey to payroll outsourcing.

Our experienced payroll team is ready to assist, if he can’t answer your question.

Paul’s often on the road visiting people face to face to answer their questions. If that’s easier then why not book a 27 minute introduction to Advanced Payroll Solution Pty Limited. (You can email Paul by clicking / tapping on the little envelope that sits to the left of every screen.)

He loves demonstrating the online automated system you will be working with (if that is your style). He’ll give you all you need to take to your management team to approve outsourcing your payroll.

What could be simpler?

Did I mention this service is FREE?

Your payroll service will be simple, automated & responsive to your business as it grows.