A: We have clients in every Australian state and territory.

A: No. We have a large range of standard reports to choose from. You just select the ones you need.

A: If you need something out of the ordinary ask us. There may be a small one-off charge for programming.

A: No we don’t charge extra, except for a multiple redundancy/retrenchment situation, due to the considerable extra workload involved.

A: No, so if you have to make the odd extra payment, say for instance a special bonus, an advance for a hardship case, or an instant dismissal, you won’t be hit with extra charges.

A: Yes. With some bureaus, for every absence you have to work out whether to pay or not to pay. That means you have to keep track of employees’ balances. Our system automatically checks whether an employee has enough paid leave to cover. If not, the residual is processed as Sick Without Pay or Leave Without Pay. But you are still the boss – you can tell us to override this.

You can still monitor leave as closely as you want. You select whether you want regular leave balance reports, leave taken reports, liability reports, or an individual’s absenteeism record.

A: While we don’t manage salary packaging ourselves, we can certainly set up salary sacrifice deductions to be paid to the organisation that does manage your salary packaging.

A: Yes, if you’d like to offer this facility to your employees. If you permit, employees may set fixed deductions to alternate savings accounts in Australian banks, credit unions, or building societies, but not credit card accounts. We don’t charge for the service but we have to pass on any funds transfer (EFT) charges.

A: No. We can add your Year-To-Date balances to our system so it won’t be necessary to reconcile both at year end, or do 2 sets of ATO files or payment summaries.

A: We specialise in small to medium-size… (but if you’re big consider us too!)

A: All types of employment, all types of business.

A: Completely! We are 100% Australian owned and operated meaning that all payroll activities are carried out in Australia.

Your payroll service will be simple, automated & responsive to your business as it grows.