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Outsourced Payroll Services - 170 years experience with payroll

APS-Staff-SquareWelcome to Advance Payroll Solutions, the perfect solution to all things payroll. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best payroll solutions for your business, big or small, with a focus on flexibility, adaptability, friendliness and ACCOUNTability.

APS-MarySteve and Mary started Advance Payroll Services Pty Limited over 20 years ago with a desire to provide flexible, exceptional outsourced payroll services that are 100% personalised to meet individual business needs. When Steve and Mary first started out, their intention was to free business owners and executives from managing and overseeing payroll by creating a bespoke online payroll interface that can be customised to meet the growing and changing needs of any business.

This 100% Australian-owned and operated business offers exceptional service across a wide range of sectors, in all states and territories, rural, urban or coastal. We are an exceptional payroll outsource partner for small, medium, large and expanding businesses; we can meet the needs of your employees – by affording your staff access to their online records – whilst providing up-to date reporting functionality to you.


APS-SteveThrough our teams’ vast and varied skillset, Advance Payroll Solutions’ mission is to deliver exceptional service by implementing our own online payroll interface that not only puts you in control of your payroll but that factors in and accounts for all legal and tax obligations. This is all done in a simple, automated way with the added bonus of having your own dedicated specialist who can offer you expert support and guidance, when needed.


APS-PeterBut we are not just software as a service, we understand that not everything can be automated, and we are fully committed to walking the journey with our customers to give friendly, tailored advice with no hidden costs.

For more than 20 years, Advance Payroll Solutions has been adapted and upgraded to ensure that we continue to offer best practice solutions whilst meeting the demands of a changing business landscape, all without losing the personal feel. .



APS-PatriciaSay hello to the team:
When Mary’s not powering her way through the intricacies associated with outsourcing payroll, she’s looking for gastronomic delights of the Italian persuasion.

Steve’s can-do attitude and long-term vision has shaped the business by investing in the skills of his staff. When Steve’s not crunching numbers at the office, he’s probably on a boat somewhere waiting for a ‘bite’.

When it comes to payroll and HR, Peter is the go-to-guy. With over 40 years’ experience, his knowledge is invaluable. When Peter’s not payrolling or HR’ing, he’s at some secret location catching bream and flatheads.

Our in-house payroll specialist is Fiona who is fast, friendly and efficient and loves a good social with friends and family.

Patricia is the master of all things relating to spreadsheets. She’s also a doting grandma, and a Australian history enthusiast.



Your payroll service will be simple, automated & responsive to your business as it grows.